Saturday, July 2, 2011

Weekend Project

Yippee - a three day weekend!

I've had a home improvement project on my priority list for quite some time and I can finally tackle it today. I would say 98% of these projects are as a result of keeping animals in the house.

See the hole in the sink...the little one that isn't supposed to be there? (Yes I know there is cat hair too; Smudge likes to play in the sink)

It' from this innocent looking character - Smudge.

He likes to lay up on top of the tall cabinet that is right beside the sink. I used to have a pretty painted tile on an easel up there and he knocked it off. Wouldn't you know, the tile fell pointed end down directly onto the sink. This happened months ago and the hole has since fractured in four directions, which is just so lovely to look at on a daily basis.

At first I was going to get an exact replacement but decided to go with a solid surface unit. It was only $84 and a little sink was more than half that, and since I use this bathroom a lot I decided to upgrade a bit. Besides, I had attempted to paint the counter top; didn't like it and tried to remove the paint which completely ruined it. Of course, I couldn't put the worn and crappy faucet back onto the new sink, so I bought a new faucet as well. Not the one I wanted - geez are they expensive! Crazy... I bought a simple fixture that was about $42. I tend to take the practical path with most things.

So as soon as I got home last night, I started removing the tiles that surround the sink. The new sink has a built in backsplash, so I had no choice. Unfortunately, the new backsplash isn't as tall and I have a real mess to cover up in a creative way. I have a few ideas though.

Here's what I did last night - there is no graceful way to remove tiles from drywall.

I can't wait to get the new unit installed. The hard part for me will be connecting the faucet. I hate messing with plumbing. But first I'm going to the State Farmers Market and buy some yummy veggies. I haven't had my first tomato sandwich yet!

I hope you enjoy the holiday weekend!