Monday, August 2, 2010

Cats in the Hat mean boxes.

I've been bringing home boxes from Lowes to start gathering up my donations in. Now you KNOW how much cats love boxes and bags, don't you? Little JoJo was in the house a while today and jumped in the empty box and peered over the edge of it at Topaz, who is his best buddy.

JoJo ran to another box and Zoe had to come over to see what he was doing.

JoJo was bouncing around so much the box flipped over.

I think Wendy secretly wanted to join in on the fun too, but she isn't nice to JoJo and he's afraid of her.

Next thing you know, JoJo went tearing down the hallway with Topaz in hot pursuit!

Let the wrestling match begin!

Smudge wanted nothing to do with the silliness and claimed the box for his own - Prince that he is :)

My priorities today were to check on Cinnamon, one of my hens, who isn't acting right. Last evening she was laying on the floor of the barn which is a bad sign. When I picked her up to put her on a perch, she didn't struggle and was light as a feather. The bird is skin and bones - not good. So this evening I've got her in a cage in the garage so I can tend to her closely. I made her some scrambled eggs and she gobbled them up. Tomorrow I'll give her some chicken meds and make her oatmeal for breakfast. She's only a year old and I have no idea what's wrong with her. Hopefully, she'll pull through it.

The next big priority was to start making a walkway from the house to the driveway. Ten years I've lived here and have made do with mismatched stepping stones.

Somebody gave me a concrete form years ago and I just never have used it.

Well, last night I bought four 80 lb. bags of concrete to get started on the project.

I only had enough concrete for five fills, but it's a good start. I added a few flat marbles and beach glass here and there. It will look pretty when it's all finished. It wasn't difficult but sure took a long time to get this much done.

I'm headed for my recliner to watch some TV and do some stitching. It's a nice way to end the day after all the physical labor.

Rest well.