Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not Yet

Well, these projects always turn into a bigger deal than you plan for - at least for me anyway.

For the life of me I couldn't get the existing counter top removed from the cabinet. The sink was easy to get out and I thought of just sawing the top off, but had already spent hours and was quite frustrated. I almost gave up and returned the solid top for another drop in, but it would still leave me with a big mess to fix.

Then I couldn't get the intake tubes disconnected because they had copper clamps on them. Finally I got my handy Dremmel out and sawed through the rings and used all my strength to disconnect the intake tubes apart.

Here's part of the mess I made dragging in everything from a sledge hammer to the drill to try to take apart the old stuff. What you can't see is the drill and more tools!

The solution to not getting the countertop removed?? I just plopped the new sink right over the existing top.

It fits - just barely, but it has created another problem. The drain pipe is now exactly 1 1/2" too short to connect to the S pipe. And....the two intake tubes have male ends and the tubes they connect to are male. So, I have my new sink in place but not in working order yet. I have to make a Home Depot run tomorrow to get parts to make it work. Hopefully it will be an easy fix. But isn't she pretty??? I just love it! It looks so much bigger but it's actually the same size as the old one. And it will be so easy to clean :)

I really wanted to get this project finished today but I refuse to drive anywhere. I was on the road all day yesterday going to the Farmer's Market and getting chicken food and pet supplies. I never did get to the grocery store and don't have all the ingredients to make delicious meals with the fresh produce but am making do. Even if I need stuff, I'm keeping the car off the road one day a week for the environment's sake.

In the mean time I'm taking care of other chores that I've put off for ages. I've replaced a non-working smoke detector and am painting and installing toe molding in the den. I mean - I've only had it for three years....