Monday, February 16, 2009

A Couple of Humorous Pictures

OK, I had to get permission to use these so am now posting a couple of items that cracked me up.

I told you all that my oldest daughter, Erin, just had her first baby a week ago. I've been getting some pictures of little Ginny but this one cracked me up. Daddy is taking paternity leave to help mommy and he is evidently exhausted from his duties.
Aaron is going to kill me for posting this - I love you Aaron.

The next pictures have a little story to go with them. My sister, Susan, is a very talented gal with fabric and thread. She kept telling me about some kitty beds she had made and I wanted to see them. What she wrote when she finally sent me the pictures made me fall on the floor laughing. Caleb is her grandson; Foster and Lucy are the cats.

"Here are a couple pictures of the kitty beds I made. Not real good pictures I don’t think. The 1st bed is a little skimpy around the sides so I made the 2nd one a bit more puffy thinking the cats would like it better. Foster is sleeping in Lucy's bed and Caleb fell asleep in Foster's bed and Lucy won't sleep in either of them - ha ha."

Today I will have my Alissa Rose with me; she's under the weather, poor thing. I won't be able to paint but think I can make one of those pretty memory boards for my craft room. I hope you all have a good Monday.