Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Pictures from the Quilt Show

Hello everybody,

I wanted to post a picture of the most amazing quilt I've ever seen - bar none! I think it was called "Communication" and the write-up spoke to how we don't enjoy leisure conversations anymore. I think a little paint was used here and there, but it was mostly fabrics. I remember that toile was used in the wine glasses to give depth.

Look at the lipstick on her napkin!!

There were so many more amazing quilts, but this one just topped them all as far as I was concerned.

I get to stay in tonight and listen to the rain. There is snow all around me, but I don't think it will hit here. I love being in my home...all cozy with my critters that drive me nuts most of the time. They're all settled and now I can work on some needlework.