Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Two Weeks?

Geez, I hate when so much time slips by without posting on my blog. I'm almost tempted to stop all together. Working the irregular schedule at Lowes doesn't allow enough time to keep up with the yard, animals, house and sewing, not to mention blogging.

Anyway, I hope everybody had a nice 4th of July holiday - I sure did. My sister came for a visit and brought my mom with her. It was the first time mom has seen where I live since moving here 10 years ago. I couldn't take time off from Lowes, but my schedule allowed us to have a couple of days together.

We went to Thimble Pleasures, the best quilt shop I've ever been to. Mom looked around a little but mostly sat and waited for Susan and me to come back to earth from seeing all the lucsious fabrics they have - not to mention patterns. We had a nice lunch at a special restaurant first though, so we could concentrate. I also took them to the model home I "worked" at earlier in the year and they loved seeing it.

I was so happy that I got my mom interested in embroidery again! She used to do beautiful work but stopped long ago. I printed out a bunch of free designs for her and traced some onto white muslin to work on while she was here. She decided to buy a nice set of sheets and embroider on the pillowcases. Darned if she didn't get them finished in two evenings! I was so happy that she showed enthusiasm for something again. And I even got my DS interested in giving hand embroidery a try and I think she'll stick with it (you'd better!).

I have today off so must catch up on "mowing operations" and get two weeks of trash out of the garage. They resurfaced the recycle center where I take my trash and it's been closed for ages. I'm sure I'll have to make two trips to get rid of it all.

I'll leave you with a few pictures of my pretty boy, Smudge.

I've got tons to do while home today, so had better get to it! I hope you all have a good day.