Sunday, June 20, 2010

Former Foster Critters

I was looking for an especially pretty picture of my Princess to put on my sidebar and came across several of my former foster critters. I've got tons of Princess pics, but they weren't taken with a digital camera. Once I ever get my scanner connected to the 'puter, I'll be able to share all kinds of pictures with you.

The hound in this picture is Chance. He's an American Foxhound and was my last foster dog. He was found starving in the mountains. His front teeth were ground down to nubs, probably from chewing on a chain link dog pen.

Chance really didn't want to do anything but eat and sleep and could care less about the other dogs and cats. If he saw a deer outside, he'd go beserk though. He went through training and became a certified therapy dog and is now living happily ever after!!

Leo was my last foster kitty and he and Topaz were best buds. He was another cat that my friend, Gail, trapped at the shopping center where her shop is. He was incredibly beautiful and I wanted to keep him but didn't. His coat was as soft as a bunny! He was adopted through Marley's Cat Tales.

This is Jade, a beautiful American Staffordshire. He belonged to a friend's daughter but wasn't getting the exercise he needed so I brought him home with me. He got adopted almost immediately by a couple who adored him.

This is a poor dog I found chained to a tree, starving and with a bloody tail. I couldn't keep her and took her to my vet to be euthanized, but one of the technicians took her in as a foster. She has been named Lola and is still looking for a perfect home. I don't have an updated picture, but I can tell you she is unrecognizable now!!!

There was a story on the news yesterday about the Durham SPCA, which has more than 100 cats in their care now and the number is rising daily. They are only equipped to take care of about 60 cats and are now making the difficult decision of which innocent kitties will be euthanized. PLEASE spay/neuter your pet and encourage others to do so as well!!!. Pet overpopulation is a problem that can be prevented. I know it's expensive, but there are several programs to assist with the cost.

I hope you all have a good day today :)