Saturday, May 28, 2011

Luna Moth Assemblage

I've been wanting to craft for ages but just haven't made time for it. I was gone on a business trip to San Jose all week and came home very tired, so today was spent doing some quiet things - along with a lot of laundry.

Laura found a beautiful Luna moth and wanted to frame it (it was already dead). I had some shadow box frames left from other projects and put a little assemblage together for her. I could have added some trinkets and such, but I'm into a more minimalist approach to decorating these days. Nature is perfectly beautiful all by itself and doesn't need a bunch of stuff distracting from it. I did tweak the nest a little more after I took these pictures, so that it wasn't so squished looking. I think it turned out beautiful.

I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend. God bless the USA and all the brave people who serve in the military! Some troops from the 82nd Airborne shared one of my flights back yesterday. I spoked to some of them and told them to stay safe. I was proud to share the sardine can that we flew back in.