Friday, July 17, 2009

We Interrupt This Sewing Segment.....

to bring you an update on "Living With Deer".

Yes, you guessed it, I got sidetracked today. Last week Lowes had their perennials on sale 3 for $10 and I bought a few to try to replace the deer damage. I intended to get them planted before my sister arrived but ran out of time. Today I went outside and got to work. First I had to cut back the spent yarrow and pull out all the dead stuff. One side of the bed is completely bare but has lots of little salvia volunteers.

The deer usually leave those alone so I transplanted a few of them. They'll grow big and fill in the entire bed by the end of summer....hopefully.

Now I know this is the worst possible time to plant anything, and between heat and lack of rain, things are usually looking pretty bad around here anyway. But I couldn't stand it so caved in. I bought some beautiful varieties of coneflowers - three yellows and one pink. I also got a couple of pink penstemmons. I got them all planted and then covered them with deer net - the only sure way to keep them safe. The deer have never bothered my coneflowers or lantanna before but have done a number on them this year.

And since I was dripping with sweat already, I tackled some weeds in the perimeter bed. Didn't get finished but it's looking much better.

I completed Alissa's snuggle quilt and it's all ready for her. I'm going to work on my Halloween table topper this evening before going to bed. I hope you all have a great weekend.