Monday, June 1, 2009

Hello, It's Been A While!

Hey Everybody!

I hope you are all well and know everybody is busy with chores and life in general - I know I have been!!!

I've been working hard for Gail and trying to keep my house and yard in order as well. I'm sure meeting a lot of nice people and enjoying some very interesting conversations with some of them. Some are a little hard to get away from - ha-ha!!!

I'm home today (yippeee!!!!) and wanted to share some pictures with you of my yard and the monster cat scratch post I made.

I have two wing chairs, which are very good even though the fabric on them is outdated. I've tried everything but my cats have absolutely ruined them. I've used the training sprays, sticky paper, tin foil, provided scratching posts - you name it - to no avail.

Diane Knott gave me the idea of bringing in a log or branch for them to scratch on and this is what I made. They love playing with the dangling ball but so far, they aren't actually using the limb to scratch. Gee, if I was a cat, I'd sure like this :) I cut a branch from one of my Mimosa trees and bolted it to a nice piece of discarded counter top from Gail's shop.

Last weekend Alissa and I worked in the back yard and I gave her the job of painting an old wooden ladder I got at the Habitat store.
Here are a couple of my monster hosta I transplanted from my front yard a few weeks ago:
This is the view from my front porch. This was an open field when I moved here almost nine years ago - not even a sapling. The trees in the background (darker ones) are woods around the edge of what used to be a field. Most other trees were planted by little old me.

The weather is gorgeous here today but I am determined to stay inside and finish my wall hanging from Diane's book. I'm about half finished and want to make them all so need to get busy. I hope you all have a nice day/week!