Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Night Sew In and An Evening Visitor

I'm posting my Sew In picture a little early. I actually finished the embroidery last night and won't have a chance to work on it again till at least Sunday. Now I just have to add the borders and sew it together. I've got the hardest part finished.

I think I'm going to make the borders blue with white squares in each corner and put a blue paw print in each of them. Then I think I'll just stipple quilt it.

I had the sweetest little visitor last evening. Just as I was closing the barn, I noticed a box turtle. How in the world she got into the pasture is beyond me because she's larger than the spaces in the fence. I was concerned that the chickens and geese would torment her so I carried her out of the pasture in the direction she was headed. Before I took her all the way over there, I gave her a very ripe banana that was destined for the compost bin, and also a little drink of water. She was very thirsty!

It's important to know that if you ever stop to help a turtle across a road to always put them in the direction they were headed. Several times I've passed a turtle on the road only to take the next exit, turn around and then head back up the road till I spot it. Then I'll put it in my car and drive up to the next exit and loop back to the oppossite side of the highway where it was headed.

If you don't do this, they will only try to cross the road again and probably get squished. I'm sad every time I see a squished turtle and always try to stop if at all possible.

It's been another scorcher here today and some of the customers at Lowes are so rude. I don't know if it's the heat or what. A lot of the customers are very nice though and for the most part I enjoy ringing them up. I especially like all the military that come through - Fort Bragg is just down the road about 30 minutes.

I bought my new washer tonight and have wrestled the old one out into the driveway. The new one is setting on my patio waiting for my neighbors to help me get it into place - hopefully tomorrow before I go back to Lowes.

I hope you have a nice day tomorrow. I can't wait to get home already and I haven't even left yet!



Laura said...

I laughed when I saw your turtle eating the banana because I found one in the yard tonight munching on a mushroom. He is going to be my Speechless Sunday this week! Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

A new washer! I hope you got a good deal on it at Lowes! I never heard of stipple quilting. I'd like to see what that looks like. My stepmom is a quilter, the old-fashioned way.
The project looks good!