Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some Special Art Works

This is a quick post to share pictures of two special pieces of art work with you.

The first one is a true crazy quilt hand made by my paternal grandmother for my sister, Susan. Nanny did gorgeous needlework and always had a project going of some sort. I was trying to study this piece to understand how she put it together. All I can tell you is that she didn't use any of the methods a lot of folks use now! Note under the date of the picture of Susan's name hand embroidered.

This is a beautiful wall hanging my sister made for mom of a trillium - mom's favorite flower.

And I took pictures of a very, very special piece of art that Nanny also made but can't locate it. I'll have to ask Susan to send me another picture and will share
that one with you later.

On another note - no signs of the escaped baby dove. I'm sure she's been made a meal of by something. I'll post a picture of the remaining "baby" soon. Sarah and Alex want him/her out of their home so I'll be making that aviary very soon now!

Have a good day - I hope to get caught up on my visits by the weekend!!


Betty said...

What lovely creations and such good pictures. I enlarged them, so I could see the detail, what nice needlework!

Laura said...

The quilts are beautiful, and I'm sorry about the baby dove. Let's just think that she is still out there, okay?

A New England Life said...

I've never had the patience for quilting and am in awe of those who do. Thats a lot of work your grandmother did, and very unique! Nice and colorful too, just what I like!