Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Miscellaneous Post

Did you think I vanished?

Nope - I'm right here, just busy like all of you. Now that I'm a working girl again, I only have about three hours each evening (if I'm lucky) to get all my chores taken care of and work on my gifts and cards.

Well, I've made and mailed four cards - that's it! I decided at the last minute to make little paintings instead of using the cute and new winter/Christmas stamps I bought a few weeks ago. I also painted each of my gift tags and sprinkled them with diamond dust. They turned out very pretty.

I've made three small paintings, which have been mailed. I'm working on one for myself and then I have a couple to do for others. If I don't make one for me now, it won't happen. You know how that goes. And did I take pictures of any of the things I painted? No :(

I was determined to wrap my gifts so they were pretty this year. Usually I just throw gift wrap around them and slap on a cheap, pre-made bow out of a bag. This year, I used very pretty paper and used some satin ribbon instead of the gift kind. I tucked in a sprig of cyprus from my property and with my hand painted, glittered tag, the presentation was beautiful - if I do say so myself. I'll post a picture of one as soon as I get another one wrapped.

Here are a few pictures I just snapped so I would have something to make this post a little more interesting.

What's this - a partridge in a pear tree? No, it's Alex, Patches and Sarah on a branch. I let them hatch out an egg a few weeks ago so I'd have another bird to keep Coco company. She's all by herself in another cage since her sister flew the coop last summer.

Here is little Pumpkin, getting braver every week.

Here is a tiny tree I have in the living room. I never did get a proper tree this year, but I'm enjoying this one.

Check out this gorgeous poinsettia that I won at our Christmas party last Friday.

My beautiful swan with a wreath around her neck.

A stack of pretty boxes tied with ribbon

And finally, a santa wall hanging I paper pieced several years ago.

Now I've got to go make a small gift for my new manager so I can give it to her tomorrow. We're off Thursday and Friday so tomorrow is my last chance to give it to her. Two days off sounds nice, but I won't get paid for it, so I'd rather be working. But, at least I've got a job now!

Gotta run - have a good evening!


Michelle May said...

Happy Christmas my friend!
Oh how I do love your critters both feathered and fuzzy!
Wishing you all a joyous celebration!
xx, shell

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

Wow! You're working all day and coming home inspired! That must mean the job is going well! Awesome!

Laura said...

Love seeing some of the Christmas around your home. Have a wonderful holiday!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Phyllis, how could you not take pictures of the wonderful tags and paintings you did? I'm sure they were beautiful. I tried to watercolor some cards this year but let's just say they didn't turn out like I had hoped they would. :/ Love that wall hanging. Enjoy your time off. Best wishes and happy holidays, Tammy

animal lover, quilt lover said...

I am so happy you have a job!!!! So very happy for you!!!!!! Thanks for your visit on my birthday!! I left the computer alone for an hour so that it would load all your pictures. It did load most of them before it gave up. I love your Pumpkin kitty!!!! So pretty!!Everything there looks very nice!!!
Merry Christmas Phyllis!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!
Next year is looking good for you and I am so glad for you!!!
xx, Fern

Diane said...

Phyllis, wishing you a Merry and Blessed Christmas! A new job for you - I think that's probably your best present! :-)
Hugs, Diane

Patty Sumner said...

Enjoyed your pics and blog. Found you while browsing blog land. Blessings!