Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Grandmother's Chair Needs a Redo!

I brought home a real treasure with me grandmother's old chair from the very early 50's. It is quite unique and I've NEVER seen another one like it in my life. It must be the precursor to the LazyBoy recliner - ha ha. She bought it to sleep in after she had had a heart attack and needed to stay in a sitting position.

Isn't it cool?!? I've got lots of memories attached to this old thing. Boy did she used to get mad if any of us kids moved the back to a different notch. She was quite particular and precise in everything she did!!

The cushions have been recovered a couple of times; they're in really rough shape. I won't have a problem selecting fabric for them. My delima is whether to paint it or re-stain it. I've got it in my den currently and it looks nice in there (better than the folding lawn chair I've been using). I temporarily covered the cushions with some pretty green fabric (actually a sheet) to cover the gross burnt orange.

My den definitely leans toward country/traditional and I have some nice prim antiques, but I don't necessarily want to keep to any particular style and am open to paint. My sewing room, on the other hand, is quite different and I might eventually move the chair into that room. It's got blue walls and a lot of white furniture (sorry - didn't take pics of that room yet).

I apologize for the poor pictures; I had my camera on the wrong setting and didn't realize it, but you can see well enough to give me some suggestions.

So, if I do paint it, what color - black, white, dark brown? Or do I stick with stain? Thanks for your suggestions!


Katherine Thomas said...

I'd go for something unique and whimsical and reminiscent of your grandmother. There are such great possibilities. I know you'll think of something really special for this piece. Enjoy!

Laura said...

I was thinking "black paint" while I was reading your post - with a really colorful fabric - wild flowers in shades of pink, aqua, greens, blues. It sure is unique with the different notches. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Mama Thompson said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment (about my sisters dining furniture). She actually used spray paint on the whole set. If she were to do it again...she would still spray the chairs (that's the easiest way to get all the angles, etc) but she would hand paint the table...she had A LOT of issued getting the spray paint to look nice on such a large flat surface. I'm not sure the exact color...but I now she bought it at Fred Meyers and it is a chocolate brown.

Kas said...

I reckon I would keep it as simple as possible. relaquer it and recover but a gentle tone to complement your decor.