Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Decorating

My blog friend, Marlene, was in a cleaning mood recently and posted an offer for some fabric panels she wasn't going to use. I told her which ones I liked and she sent them to me! I immediately..... well, almost.....sewed these two pretty panels into pillows for my sofa. I just love them.

She sent me a few more panels, but I haven't worked with them yet. One in particular is high on my priority list, though. Thanks so much, Marlene!

One evening last week, I was searching for a Christmas centerpiece idea for my kitchen table. I remembered a site called The Inspired Room, so I popped over there and found a great idea submitted by Pearls and Handcuffs . If you scroll down, you'll see she dressed up her chandelier.
Now I'm not usually one for the "dressy" look, but this just struck me as beautiful. Of course, her dining room looks a little formal and I wanted to do this in my big, eat-in kitchen...since I don't have a dining room. My version is a little scaled down from hers, but the idea is the same.

I spent $3 for the garland and about the same for the little wreath at Michaels, plus $6 for a big spool of ribbon. I think it turned out great and will definitely be doing this again next year! It was soooo easy and makes such a statement as soon as you walk in my front door.

Ummm... I won't even bother to show you what my front porch looks like before you get into the house though.......


Mrs. Salty said...

Your version is beautiful; great job!


Love your lighting idea--so pretty and Christmassy--No Di--you may not look around your place and see if you can use her idea--YOU ARE DONE WITH DECORATING--remember?????
Hugs, Di

animal lover, quilt lover said...

I love it!!! I might borrow that from you.
No I did not pay the vet bills and Joker never was boarded again. If he couldn't go than we didn't go! That is the way it has been ever since.
Big big hugs, Fern

stitchinbythelake said...

Phyllis I can't believe you got those pillows made already - I'd have at least been next Christmas! I did make a pillow from one of them (I had multiples) and I love it too. It's just so cheerful. :) The chandelier is a gread idea and, like you, I much prefer the more informal look. I don't have anything formal in my house (thought I think the formal is beautiful) so your's would fit quite well with my decor. blessings, marlene