Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Let Her Go

Imagine my surprise after coming home from JoAnns (a super fabric purchase) to check on the baby bird only to discover she wasn't in her cozy nest. Geez - talk about going into a panic. Alissa and I looked all over the room and couldn't find her. Then I realized the space under the door was big enough for her to go out into the dangerous house with two cats and two dogs - all of which would love to have a tiny bird to play with.

We went into the den and there was Topaz - the black kitty - crouched in stalking position looking under the blanket chest. Yep, there was the tiny baby. How in the world she made it across the house in one piece is a miracle! So we caught her and put her back in the cage and proceeded outside to catch a meal for her. Alissa informed she she was afraid of crickets (I laughed) so she supervised while I caught them along with rollie polly bugs and a couple of other crawly things. That little bird ate them as fast as we could put them in her nest.

I was really torn between releasing her and keeping her till her tail feathers grew out so she could fly. She wasn't happy at all and I knew I'd have to feed her bugs every four hours. Right now, I just can't manage that. And she was ok except for some raw spots and gunky feathers... and the all-important tail feathers. I knew I had to get the residue of that adhesive off of her to give her a fighting chance so into the bathroom we went again - this time with adhesive remover, soap and water. Poor little thing endured my torturous treament pretty well and only struggled a few times.

That gunk remover isn't good for the skin and I was concerned about that so washed her twice. I could still smell a little on her but at least her wing feathers were clean and dry. I gently dried her using the blow dryer on warm and held in far from her.

Her little head was still wet when I took her outside but knew I needed to let her go well before dusk so Alissa and I took her back to the front porch close to where I had found her this morning.

She was exhausted from being handled so much and sat in my hand for a very long time.

Do you see that tiny speck on her wet little head? It's a deer tick!!! I had no idea they got on birds!!! I was able to pick it off and squish it; ticks are so thick around here.

After several minutes, she jumped off my hand and onto the edge of the glider. It only took her another second to jump to the ground. I told Alissa to say a little prayer that the baby bird stays safe. I had put my mouser kitties in the garage so she had a chance for getting to a safe place for the night.

Safe life, baby wren. I'm sorry I endangered you.


Cat said...

Oh my goodness. I'm just reading about the ordeals of this baby wren. Bless her little birdy heart! You did good to get her cleaned back up and back to the wild.

I'm amazed that little birds get little tics! EEEEW I don't like ticks!

She will be one wise bird now.

This Country Girl said...

Aww.how sweet you are! I'm so glad you were able to fix her up and get her ready for the wild again!


Laura said...

That is one strong little birdie and she will be fine. I'll bet your cats were smacking their lips when they saw her in the house! I sure didn't know that ticks got on birdies, but glad you got that one off!

Betty said...

You did everything you could for her; I just know she'll be okay. Ticks? ICK!

Thanks for letting us know she's 'on her own' now.

T said...

Good luck baby Wren!

You did good by her. Thank you for caring for her.