Wednesday, April 15, 2009

About Half Done

Well, I'm very pleased with what I've gotten done on my living room makeover so far. I still have my art work to hang on the walls but want to change it for a lighter look. And I've got several other dust catchers I need to figure out where to put. All I've had to buy so far is paint; everything else was already in the house somewhere :)

The ceiling is vaulted throughout the house and in my den I made the tall wall kind of like an art gallery, and I love the way it looks. I think I'm going to do the same thing in my living room. I have a lot of samplers, which took many hours to make and I love them but don't want to line them in a row over the windows again. What do you think of a narrow shelf up high on the tall wall with them all leaning against the wall? I think it would present them in a more "urban" kind of way. And I'm thinking of painting that narrow shelf black since the curtain rod and a couple of other things will be black.

For curtains, I think I have a great idea. After painting the rod black, I'm going to buy some of those little round curtain clip thingys and just have a valance which I'm going to make out of cream colored burlap from JoAnns. It's dirt cheap and I already have white lining fabric. I think it will add texture but give a clean look. Oh, and I'm going to hang the rod high enough so that the valance just meets the top edge of the windows to give the appearance of taller windows.

I still have to give my coffee table a re-do and am working on the table that used to be in the corner. Smudge decided it was a cool place to sit. He's so funny.
This is my favorite corner in the entire room. Why I didn't think of doing this a long time ago is beyond me.

This is the tall wall that I want to make into a gallery with the narrow black shelf at the top of. The clock will stay where it is but I just put the print and sconce there to get them off the kitchen table (my kitchen is a wreck).
Another thing I want to do is lighten the hutch w/o painting it. I'm going to cover some foam core board with a tone on tone fabric and stick them on the middle of the doors and the back of the shelves. This will really make a big difference, I think.

On an entirely different note, I saw the first hummingbird yesterday! Other than honeysuckle, I don't know what they have to eat yet so guess I should put out the feeder for a while.

I hope you are having a nice day :)


Laura said...

I like your idea of lightening the hutch - clever way to do it without painting it. I can't believe how much your Smudge boy looks like my Samoa girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi Phyllis~~~Looking GOOD!!
Smudge is just adorable! Cats always think everything is about them~~LOL!


nikkicrumpet said...

Sounds like you're getting a lot done! It's hard work but so fun to see the results. And I can't believe you have hummingbirds already!

Charmingdesigns said...

Phyllis, your place is loooookin good!! love that skinny table...(with the kitty). Thanks for your sweet comment...I'll check it out when I go to Whole Foods!!! ANYTHING that will help!!
Check out MossHillStudios...Its really fun!!! laurie

Betty said...

Your room is delightful! I like the sampler with the cat on your wall; your little rocker is adorable; Smudge is just a hoot!

Thanks for sharing your 'redo' with's looking wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Smudge - how adorable is that! He is just giving it his stamp of approval and we all know we MUST have this from our cat owners. Never move or change anything in the house without their OK! ;-)