Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You Really Shouldnt' Be Doing That

This is Blanche.  She is a gold laced wyandotte hen.

Blanche is roosting for the night but not where she should be roosting.  You see, this is the nesting box and hens should be discouraged from roosting on or near the nesting boxes.  Why you ask?

Because they poop all night long and the nesting boxes turn into a toilet!  Every morning I have to scoop poop out of the boxes so they can lay their eggs.  That's after I've already scooped litter boxes in the house and scooping poop from under the "real" perching place.

I wonder how you toilet train a chicken?


markandy452 said...

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Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Ha-ha! Does Blanche only poop? Or is she one of the egg layers? We always get eggs here in the store that have poo; sometimes feather fluff stuck to them, too. I read on a blog that you aren't supposed to wash eggs until you are going to use them, but I usually have to wash them before I can even put them in the fridge. You do have a lot of work to do keeping up with all your critters. Take care! :) Tammy

Cat said...

Blanche is gorgeous! Love that lacey gold. Good luck with your chicken training!