Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (a little early)


T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Phyllis, so happy to see those sweet pooches comfy and getting along. I still have my outside kitty that I am taking care of and the sore that covered her whole right side is starting to clear up -- it's now down 3/4's the size it was which is good news. Hubby and I have started walking at night and I see so many new kittens that have popped up since the summer. Breaks my heart. A Persian that looks like it was recently put out came to my stairwell yesterday with a big sore on her throat -- she ate from the food I put out there and hung around a bit. If she keeps coming back, I will take her to the shelter. She definitely cannot survive the great big scary outdoor world. Why are people so heartless? Why do they not realize that animals have feelings too?

Our internet at home is crappy. So slow that I can't load blogs that have lots of or big photos -- the older template blogs load easier for me. Right now I am at work, so better do what I am supposed to be doing. Thanks for your email. Best wishes, Tammy

TMarie said...

Hi Phyllis! What a very cute and comfy photo!