Thursday, August 4, 2011

No Solution Yet

My little flower still isn't open, but looks like it might be tomorrow. I hope it survives the darned deer tonight.

I think Amy is correct that it's a surprise or magic lily. I've always wanted some and now, somehow, I have one. Thanks for identifying it, Amy!

My Vole Movers don't seem to be working. A new round of vole damage is all over the front yard and gardens. I've just come in and am soaked with sweat and have decided to quit watering and trying to keep flowers alive. I'll continue to soak the trees once a week, but that's it. The gardens will have to survive the deer, voles and drought on their own. It's just not worth it for me to spend every night in 90+ degree heat trying to water only to have everything eaten by animals. I've got so many other things to take care of - like getting started on Christmas gifts!

I'll post a picture of my little lily if it's still there tomorrow. Have a good evening everybody.


Katherine Thomas said...

Oh, I hope we get to see it blooming! I can't help but chuckle at the thought of all those critters sneaking around your yard! But I know they must be a nuisance sometimes!

bj said...

Bless your heart..I can feel your frustration. I, too, and just tired of trying to keep shrubs and trees alive during this terrible drought. My grass is brown, flowers animals eating anything around here but the water company is really making us pay big for water.
Ah, well, surely we'll get rain soon. You know how good HE is when GOD'S children pray.:)
xo bj

Anonymous said...

Good luck with those voles, Phyllis! They are some of the worst garden pests and decimated our lovely lily patch.

I've been AWOL, as you must have noticed. Hope all is well with you!

Hugs, Diane

T's Daily Treasures said...

Hi Phyllis, I think you are right to only water certain areas and not try to take care of everything. There is so much drought everywhere and folks continue to try and fight Mother Nature. Sometimes we have to sit back and realize just what is important and what isn't.

I saw on the news yesterday where one woman in Texas was so upset that she spent so much money on her manicured lawn and special trees only to have it all dry up. I'm thinking a lawn is not so important when people are dying because of the heat wave.

Then a guy was being interviewed about economy. He was laying people off from his company and his wife wanted to know if they had to cancel their 2 year olds birthday party and he felt so bad. Hello! She's 2! Give her a tiara and a cupcake and she'll be happy! It's the parents who think things have to be done up in such a big way. A 2 year old is not making that decision. And if you can't keep people working or you can't pay your bills, then to heck with a big birthday party.

It just really irks me that no matter what happens in this world, some folks just don't get it! We need to get back to a simple life, get our priorities in order and think about others rather than always worrying about ourselves. Imagine all those people in Somalia and Kenya who travel for weeks just to get to a refuge camp for water and food. They have the same needs as the rest of us and they want to take care of their families! They want water for their babies, not for a few trees in a perfect yard.

Sorry! I had to get all of that out of my system. Writing it down really helps! Thanks for listening! :) Hope you are having a good day. Best wishes, Tammy

Katherine Thomas said...

That magic lily is breathtakingly lovely! Such a delicate color. But you can't tell a teacher that summer is your least favorite season. I live for summer! About the butterflies, I haven't seen one at all, come to think of it! Oh no!