Wednesday, May 4, 2011

They're Growing So Fast

Little Fizz and Bindi are growing so fast! On day four Fizz was already trying to climb out of the barn, and on day five he succeeded.

They sure have distinctive personalities. Little Bindi is calmer and on the independent side.

Fizz-Man is wild and crazy and jumping all over the place. And he is already showing signs of dominance with his little sis and big sis - Lola. He was challenging Lola when he was four days old by going up to her and butting her! I was shocked. It was all quite distressing to Lily but she's doing a great job keeping all her kids in line. She sure has her "hands" full.
Fizz - close:

Bindi - close:

Here they are trying to climb on some stumps I've provided for them. Bindi managed to climb it first - you go girl!

The little family:

Laura, Alissa and I just love these little babies so much already!


Tayet Silverspoon said...

I give my goats kisses constantly. Just hopped over from Farm Friend Friday. Love your babies! They are so cute!


Brenda said...

How cute they are! We just visited a farm for a birthday party a few weeks ago and there were a lot of goat of all different sizes. So fun.

Tracy said...

So sweet! I wish I could have goats! I live in a city that doesn't even permit chickens. Can you believe that? I think I'm about to become a law breaker! :)

T's Daily Treasures said...

They are so sweet. That Bindi seems so teeny tiny. How cute that they are trying to climb the stumps. They must be a lot of fun to watch with their antics. Best wishes, Tammy

Leontien said...

oh they look very adorable!!!
I found you true Verde Farm and i like the little dragonflies going down my screen!

Thanks for sharing