Monday, February 28, 2011

He's Everywhere!

Last evening I packed up Pumpkin and sent her home with Laura. I have too many cats in this house and I really needed to make this change.

I got out the little cardboard carrier to put her in and within 60 seconds, look who jumped in. Smudge was quite happy in there but I had to remove him. He wasn't happy.

So I turn around to carry Pumpkin into the living room and there he is on the little table I'm sending up to Ginny next week. I painted it years ago for Alissa but she's outgrown it and Ginny is just the right age to enjoy it.

So I'm taking pictures to put on my blog 'cause I'm thinking it was kind of cute. Smudge got perturbed and jumped down.

After Laura and Alissa left with Pumpkin, I noticed Mr. Priss Pants had found yet another spot to take respite in from all the flashing lights in his face.

I decided it was time to leave him alone for a while before he really got ticked off at me. He can be a real stinker sometimes.... but he's so pretty :)


Amy said...

Silly kittens! Alissa's getting so big and pretty!!!!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Cats really can take over a place. It's a good thing you were able to send Pumpkin home with Alissa. So many here are rescuing cats and dogs and so hard to find homes for them. The shelters are always overflowing because there is no accountability for all the animals who are brought in, kept until they are no longer considered cute or sweet, and then thrown out to fend for themselves. Love the little pumpkin pillow you made. I still haven't tried my hand at embroidery. It's on my to do list. :) Best wishes to you! Thanks always for stopping by my corner of the world. Tammy