Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sewing for Alissa Rose

I had some company today - my little granddaughter, Alissa Rose. We did some sewing together; she is currently working on a small pillow for her daddy.

A few weeks ago I took her to JoAnns with me and I bought this pattern for the cutest little dress for her. She wants to one with the straps on the shoulders...and a flower, not a bow in the middle!

I wanted the same fabric that was used in the store sample but that wasn't her style. And she definitely has her own style!! This is what she chose for her new dress - very 60's, don't you think? :)

Sorry for the poor quality of the picture; I held the camera too close to it.

I have the dress pieces all cut out and ready to sew. There is a long zipper down the back of it and I hate sewing zippers. I mess up every time, but will try hard on this one. I'd like her to wear this dress on the first day of school later this month. She'll be going into 3rd grade!!

We went outside for a few minutes to watch the gazillion butterflies in the yard. One of my butterfly bushes is huge and has at least 20 swallowtails on it at any given time. Alissa wanted them to land on her finger and one got pretty close.

Then she watched while I gave my sick hen, Cinnamon, some Karo syrup and more food. She's still alive, so that's a good sign.

We went back inside and she played games on the computer for a while and held JoJo the entire time. Then we watched some cartoons together till it was time to make supper - she helped with that too :)

I wish I could see #2 granddaughter more frequently to build a special relationship with her too. She has grown so much already and is walking now. Alissa got to visit with her over the 4th. She loves her newest little cousin, Ginny.

Here are my two little treasures :)

The day is over and it's time to hit the hay. My 'weekend' is over and it's back to Lowes tomorrow.

Rest well.


Kas said...

Hi Phyllis it's so nice to see your granddaughter grwoing up and with such good taste.

I just love the think positive blog, amazing!!!!!!

suz said...

Phyllis your granddaughter is adorable! I have a grandniece w/a definite color sense. When she was little her colors were acquamarine (not just acqua), peach and rainbow. A couple of years ago (at the ripe old age of 7) she decided she needed new colors ... pink & black w/a touch of green!
I just caught up on your blog and read what you said about paring down. From very recent experience, I can tell you that is an excellent idea. I just moved out of a place I lived in for 22 years! OMG! I know I have more to get rid of but in the process of packing I often found myself in overload and had to stop. It really is frightening what we accumulate and then think we can't live without!