Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Cape for My Mom

I made a pretty poncho for myself a couple of years ago and was going to make one for my mom. Then I got to thinking it would be easier for her to put on and off if I slit the front and made it into a cape. So - that's what I did.

Here's the pattern I used - very simple to make.

Mom loves pink and wears a lot of it, so I thought she'd really like a pink cape made from anti-pill fleece. I just hand-stitched around the entire thing with black pearl cotton using the button stitch. I wanted a closure so chose a black frog. So it didn't look so ordinary, I created lapels and sewed on pretty decorative buttons. I'm thinking about embroidering a black branch and applique a bird onto the left side...or maybe embroider a couple of flowers and put a few beads on them. I'm really liking what I've done so far though.

What do you think?


animal lover, quilt lover said...

What ever you do, do it in black!! A bird or flower or what ever!!! It is beautiful!!!!

Laura said...

I'm loving it, but I'm partial to pink and black! Great job, as usual!

Katherine Thomas said...

The fabric hangs so beautifully. Is it just the fleece you buy for making throws? Or is 'anti-pill' a different kind? I love the stitching and the frog. Some embroidery would be beautiful, I think. Your mother will be the envy of all her friends.


I love the cape--I am a "pink" fan myself---but have discovered it is hard to find that soft baby pink color in clothes--I always end up with blues--instead!!! I can only wear Natural fabrics--so leaves out the fleece fabrics for me also---Poor me!!!!
Hugs, Di

Anonymous said...

I think it looks soft and cuddly and nice not to have your mother mess up her hair by having to pull it over her head!