Sunday, January 10, 2010

Another Piece of Artwork

Hi Everybody,

Boy is it coooooooold here! It forces me to stay inside and work on more projects and some re-organization of my "stuff".

I wanted to share a picture of the piece I made for my sister as a Christmas gift. It's another project inspired by the book I mentioned in an earlier post. She likes black, white and yellow so I knew I'd be painting her a goldfinch. This all sets inside a deep shadow box that is also black.

After I cut out the painted bird, it was missing something so I painted a bunch of leaves and glued them here and there. To me, everything looks better with a little green on it (my favorite color, btw).

I took the little verse right out of the book. I had a super hard time finding anything I liked better for her.

Now I need to make a couple of these for myself!

Oh....keep your fingers crossed for me. I'm in stage II of the screening/interview process for a great job. I just know I'll be getting a job in the next two or three months....I feel it in my heart!!!!

Stay warm!


Diane said...

Phyllis, this is sweet! Don't you love adding bits of lace to the birds! Such a precious touch! And the poem is just right!

Blair...oh, those big sad eyes!! She looks like an absolute sweetheart! You're keeping her! I know it!

Keeping fingers crossed for that job and benefits!!


Sarah said...

Ooooh I love that - it is just beautiful..the worda are perfect too!!


Hi Phyllis--oh my how pretty--love shadow boxes--but I just love birds even more---you did a beautiful job---it is sooo good in fact I think you should do another one and put it in a drawing--and then just be sure to "draw" my name!!!
Hugs, Di&co.

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hi Phyllis,
I saw the likeness between Princess and Bambi the first time I saw a picture of Princess.
I think and I hope and I pray you get that good job you want soon!!!!
Your art work is beautiful!!! I spend too much time on the computer now and been having a hard time finding time to just make a cover for Bambi's mattress!!!
Give everybody a kiss from me, Fern