Thursday, November 19, 2009

Car Repairs

We all hate them. They're usually so expensive and even if they aren't, there are so many other things the money could be used for.

Last Friday I had a flat tire (third plug in this particular tire). Not that big a deal, but my spare is very old, so...took it to my local Honda dealer (their service department is great) to get it replaced. Of course, you can't buy one tire - you must buy them in pairs - so I had to buy four new tires. OK - winter is coming and I'm completely dependent on this vehicle, so a necessity that I can live with.

Two weeks prior to that, I needed new struts put on the car. While there, I had the timing belt replaced (overdue and very expensive maintenance) as well as the differential fluid replaced, also not that cheap but necessary. So my Honda place was kind enough to let me make payments. OK, I can deal with it.

Last night after work, I went to my trusty little CRV to start it up and nothing. A guy in the office kindly tried to jump start it - nothing. The lights work, so I know the battery isn't dead; it's probably the starter. I think I had to replace one in another car and believe it's a ~250+ repair.

So, I was stranded 35 miles from home and animals waiting to be let out and fed. Fortunately, my daughter wasn't working late and could come and pick me up. She didn't really know where I was working so had to drive about 35 miles in the dark and rain to find my temp work place. My car was left in the parking lot and is probably being towed at this moment to another Honda dealer for repair today. Good thing I've been fiscally responsible most of my life and have an available credit card! I have a great neighbor who will drive me the 25 miles to pick up my car when it's ready later today. I'll have to bake something for them as a thank you.

The good news - it's a gray and drizzly day - perfect for staying home and working on my projects, so I'm not too upset.

On a completely different note, my swap partner, Kathy Link, received her package from me Tuesday and has posted about it on her blog. I'm so happy that she likes it! Thanks for making me a movie star, Kathy!!


Laura said...

I can't stand spending money on car repairs - it is necessary, but you sure would rather spend it on something more fun! Hope the latest problem isn't too expensive.

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Poor Baby!!!
Sorry about all the car things. How many miles are on the car, that is what tells the story!!!
Tom's business has made a complete stop!!!!!!
He has two project things in the shop now..
One has come to a complete stop and the other is stopped by waiting for parts. THe first is no money!! He stayed home yesterday working on these around the house!! He got something done! He has had no money come in in 3 weeks.

Anonymous said...

Phyllis, if there is one thing that makes me crazy and scares me half to death is being stranded in a broken-down car somewhere.

One time on the way home from the grocery store, close to home, thank goodness, the wires in the steering column in an older model Buick we had shorted out. Smoke started billowing out of the column and the smell was abominable!
I was scared to death it would literally catch on fire and being so close to home and NOWHERE to stop, no shoulder, no cell phone at that time! My knees turned to rubber! Once I got onto our street, I pulled over, turned the engine off and abandoned that car as fast as I could! I got the groceries out of the trunk and walked the rest of the way home and called hubby immediately. From this time on I've sworn I'd do anything possible to have the newest model car we can in the hopes that nothing will go wrong! Dare we TRUST in the manufacturers?!
So...I hear you, girlfriend!

Cat said...

I'm sorry to hear of your vehicle woes... I hope it gets a good fix. My last auto was a CRV (the one that got totaled when a new driver turned into me) I really miss it.

Best wishes on getting on the road again!