Friday, August 28, 2009

Flora, Fauna and Merriweather

I can't believe this week is gone already. It's been eventful - I met with that customer I mentiond several weeks ago and I'm doing some contract work for her, which is very intersting. It just might lead to something bigger but at least I can augment my unemployment and make it last a little longer.

Here are a couple of pics of my three youngest hens - Flora, Fauna and Merriweather. I mean you know we have to name things after the Disney princess'!!

Here theyare as babies on my desk while I'm typing:

Here they are last summer eating yogurt:

It's Friday and that means I've gotta run to clean my friend's house. Have a great day, whatever you do with it.


animal lover, quilt lover said...

They eat yogurt!! How neat. My Bambi loves yogurt too! Happy cat does not. The coons love yogurt. Thanks for yor visit!!! I love it when you come and I DO know how busy you are!! Thank-you!! I wish I had a good body....
Love ya, Fern

Cat said...


Pat Winter said...

HOw sweet. Love the hens.