Thursday, August 20, 2009

Agenda Modified

Well, so much for THAT agenda! I didn't make it to the quilt shop....again. Maybe this weekend I can try.

I did have time to stop by JoAnns for a quick visit and bought two nice magazines to look over this evening. I love me some magazines!

I did meet with the staffing recruiter and that went very well. I wasn't expecting to go through all the testing stuff and was there most of the afternoon, so didn't make the movie either.

After I was finished with the testing, I was dizzy from concentrating so hard on all the questions. Plus all I had eaten was a bowl of cereal earlier in the morning. I left the staffing agency and headed straight for food. It was late enough that Outback Steakhouse was open so that's where I went. I got a salad, baked potato and some chicken, which I eat sometimes although I try not to eat any meat. When the waiter came by to take my order, I was almost sick to my stomach from being so hungry. The meal was delicious and I left as soon as I finished eating; it was getting late. Between thinking so hard and letting my blood sugar fluctuate so much, I was wiped out.

I did make one tiny detour....I had to drive right by a HomeGoods store and I still have my gift card my daughter, Erin, gave me for Christmas. Well, I hit the jackpot. They had just put out all kinds of pretty fall and Halloween stuff. There were lots of things I wanted but just chose these two to bring home with me. I especially love the little wreath, which I'm using as a candle ring at the moment.

On another note, some spammer left a comment on my "Thoughts" post but I've deleted it. My DS addressed it in a comment on my previous post in case you are wondering what she meant.

Well folks, it's early but I'm ready to hit the sack with my new magazines. Tomorrow I'll be doing my usual cleaning job and then have the weekend off - yippee!! I'll probably end up mowing and working outside, as there is much left to be weeded and trimmed - a never ending job. But I do have a specific project in mind that I just might try to tackle.



Hi Phyllis--first I love your new fall things and what you did was go from Plan A to Plan B is all--and that is mostly the way most of my days go--so join the club!!!!! I just got a new laptop with a bigger screen and boy what a BIG DIFFERENCE -- I can't believe how beautiful some of the blog sites are now that I can see the WHOLE thing!!!!--Plus I now have roadrunner, so it loads in less than a minute--the whole page--so it's fun to read past posts and enjoy those pictures--soo keep those photos coming---have a great weekend, hugs, just, Di

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hi Phyllis,
Love your new fall things, very pretty! Life has a way of changing our plans.
I put two pictures on my blog tonight of some things I made awhile back. Maybe you would like to see a sample of my quilting and sewing.
Hugs, Fern

Cat said...

Sounds like busy times... and pretty finds!
I hope you enjoy your weekend and magazines!

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Yes here it is.