Sunday, July 5, 2009

So How Was Your Weekend?

What did you do? Have a cookout and watch fireworks with friends and family?

I watched the national fireworks show on PBS last night and kept an eye out for my daughter and son-in-law who were there. He's one of the Capitol Police and I thought I might see him, but no.

I worked on my laundry room all weekend and almost got it completed. I installed self stick tiles, which look very nice but makes the mint green paint look horrible. I suppose I'll have to repaint the room now. The tiles weren't what I really wanted but they were the cheapest tiles Home Depot had so I went with it. I still have to move the washer and dryer to put the new tiles under them but ran out of energy.

I got the caulking finished and new trim up. Now I just need to touch up some areas or repaint the entire room.

We were supposed to get thunder storms all day today but didn't. There were a few sprinkles here and there - just enough to make the humidity unbearable. It's so dry here that even the weeds are shriveled up. :( At this point, I feel like I'm watering plants just to feed the deer but really hate to let everything turn crispy brown yet.

I caught Wendy and Tom, my outdoor mouser kitties, on the porch. Wendy was sacked out; Tom was just looking out into the yard.

Oops - she doesn't look very happy about me waking her up...

Sorry Wendy girl!


erin said...

Hi Phyllis,

Goodness - you are the most amazing lady I know and have got to be the "Queen of Handy".
Your tile work looks great and the fact that you can hook up your washer and dryer is impressive.
Have a great week.

Laura said...

Adorable kitty! I think you need a chocolate wall in your laundry room like I did - it would match the floor! There is always a project, and it seems like one leads to another!

Allison said...

Hi Phyllis, I stop by your blog often and I finally figured out how to make comments with my computer on the embedded forms, its a pain but it works! Thanks for stopping by, and I think we have the same peel and stick tiles. :) And I totally hear ya about working yourself to death! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a link! -Allison

GinnysMom said...

I know you wanted different floor tiles, but I think it looks terrific in there now! Maybe the "sand" colored paint I have would go better? (if you want it..)
Wendy looks so cute on the porch!
Nope, you didn't see us. Aaron snuck us up on the terrace, but there's now limited seating for Cap Police & their families; thanks to our congressmen & senators complaints. They don't seem to care about those who are protecting them, or their families!!