Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Garden Market - After Photos

Here are some after photos of The Garden Market. I tried to post them yesterday but Blogger wouldn't save them.

These pillars are very large and weigh about 500 lbs each. Gail's husband had to pour a concrete base for each of them after installing the 8 foot fence.

Gail will be adding more merchandise but it's looking great at this point!

The cafe area...

Do you see this beautiful French table? You should have seen it before I painted it - it was in rough shape. I can only imagine the fancy dinners it must have been used at as a buffet table.

Some of the plants for sale...

Gail's place is so full of charm and we've had nothing but positive feedback. Her grand opening is this weekend. Today is the first day I haven't worked in over a week and have enjoyed staying home!


Laura said...

So quaint and adorable! I hope her grand opening is a success!

T said...

Wow, this turned out so very nice. I would love to visit. I hope for a wonderful success with the grand opening, and all future business!!

Cat said...

This is lovely! Quite a transformation and a whole lot of work! I'm sure it will be loved, as it looks so inviting!

Best wishes, Cat

Manspace said...

Hi Phyllis,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I noticed you're from Sanford. I have a brother living there and my sister and I enjoy antiqueing in the area. I must check out The Garden Market. It looks fabulous! Hope the grand opening is a success!

Have a great weekend!

Donna Longenecker said...

Hi Phyllis,
I realized I was signed in on my husband's blog (manspace). Sorry about that. Just wanted to mention it in case you were confused.


Diane said...

Phyllis, all of the work you all put into it was definitely worth it! So beautiful!!! I wish Gail all the success in the world! Wonderful job, girls!

nikkicrumpet said... looks sooooo GREAT! The pictures made me want to go shopping there for sure! I bet she's really successful. I can see you guys have worked really hard and it's paying off! GOOD LUCK GAIL!

erin said...

Hi Phyllis,

Oh - gracious - I wish I lived near you so I could visit the Garden Market. It turned out fabulous - all of the hard work everyone put in to the project was certianly worth it as the shop is charming and very inviting.

I have been away for a while getting ready for my big art show and now have time to get caught up on visiting my favorite blogs. I was happy to read that the baby dove is ok.
Have a wonderful weekend.