Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Screwed Up

One of the baby doves flew out of the cage this morning while I was feeding them. I was stupid and tried to catch her and she just flew further and further away. She won't survive tomorrow, I'm sure. Although they eat on their own, the parents are still feeding them some. And being white makes her the easiest of targets as prey. I hoped that she'd be sitting on top of the cage when I got home from Gail's, but no. I feel horrible and have moved the others back inside till I can make their aviary.


Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

Oh no! I hope she finds her way back home.

T said...

Ohhhh, I am so sorry Phyllis!
Just maybe she will find her way back home. Don't beat yourself up over this, I can very easily see how this happened.

Don't lose hope, just yet.

Laura said...

Oh no! I am sooo sorry and I know that it must be heartbreaking for you. I'll say a little prayer that she comes back and stays safe tonight.

Diane said...

Phyllis...just catching up! Maybe we need guidelines for not feeling guilty when we don't have time to visit all of our friends blogs, just like we shouldn't feel guilty when we don't have time for long, inspiring posts, etc.!

Love Alissa's little dress and so sorry about the dove. :-( Hopefully it will be ok.

Where do the hours go! You accomplished a lot anyway!