Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day!

Earth Day is Wednesday and I'm going to pick up trash along my road. I should do it every week but just haven't.

Diane posted some great information on ways to help the earth and they are all so easy. A lot of the things she mentioned, I do as well. I've decided I prefer my bath towels to dry on the clothes rack instead of the dryer - it makes them a little rough and much more absorbent. I keep my house pretty chilly all winter but have to run the a/c pretty low to survive the summers. Overall though, I don't use a lot of electricity as I've always been conscientous about not wasting it, or water for that matter.

If you want to see what's going on in your area to celebrate Earth Day, go here, and take a few minutes to do something to help this planet we all share. It'll make you feel really good. :)


Laura said...

People dry their towels in the dryer? I have never done that! We also keep our house cool - sometimes my husband will come home from work and say it feels like a meat locker in here! Happy Earth Day!

Betty said...

Good on ya for picking up trash...it's a great way to celebrate Earth Day and take care of our planet!

Terry said...

Earth Day Every Day :)

Anonymous said...

Phyllis, I like our towels rough too! But unfortunately, I can't hang them outside because we live on a dirt road and the dust is horrible! When the wind blows from the east, if I had clothes on the line, they'd need to be washed again! *sigh*

A New England Life said...

I picked up trash in our town on Saturday and was shocked at how much there was. My neighbor and I did just a small portion of a local side road. Hope your pick up went well and you were able to recycle a good portion of it. You made a difference Phyllis!