Monday, March 23, 2009

Still Building

Hi everybody,

Before I forget, I wanted to let you know the bunny on my new bench didn't come from Lowes. I bought it the week I went with Gail to pick up some concrete products for her new shop. I think the mold is a common one, so keep your eyes peeled for it in your favorite garden shops.

Thank you all for the encouraging comments about the arbor. I'm glad it's up and am pleased with the structure it's given the front yard - just what I needed. Building it really boosted my self confidence to make some larger things.

Since I have a busy week working at the greenhouse and going to a food show (oh boy), today is the only day I can work on another construction project - a chicken run. My poor chickens have a make-shift run made from rebar, old curtain rods and whatever else I could find to hold up some chicken wire. It's sagging and looks awful so it's off to Lowes to buy some landscape timbers and more lumber to make a proper run. It won't be hard, but I have to dig a bunch of holes to sink the timbers in. At least the ground is very moist and easy to dig in right now. In a couple of weeks it will be hard as bricks. I'll post pics of before and after when it's finished.

In the mean time, please feast your eyes on this gorgeous unidentified plant somebody gave me years ago. It's an indoor plant and I think in the iris family. It only gives a few blooms each spring and they last two days. That's it! The petals are already curling back when I got the pictures and it was wilted the next day. If anybody knows what this is, I'd sure love to know!!

Have a great day everybody!


Laura said...

Beautiful Iris, and since I read there are 300 varieties, it is one of 300 - LOL!

Maggie R said...

I Have no idea what it 's name is but obviously from the iris family. It is gorgeous...
Nature is amazing!


I have no idea, but could it be from the orchid family--looks more like that to me??? But then what do I know???? I do know that it is a beautiful plant--so enjoy it. How is the chicken run coming??? You make me tired just reading your post!!!!!!!!!
Happy building--Just, Di

The Painted Garden said...

Hi Phyllis,

Goodness - gracious - you are one talented lady - how fun that you can build as well as do lots of other things. No wonder you did not have time to paint a bunny this week!!! You were blessed with lots of creative talent. Can't wait to see your green house.
Have a lovely creative week.

Anonymous said...

Phyllis, could be a trillium lily of some kind?
Or an orchid. Looks like it could be either.

The chicken run is looking great! I love chickens! Their little clucking sounds are so comforting to me.

Heck, I even like to hear a rooster crowing!