Friday, March 20, 2009

Gardening and Baby Dove Update

It's that time of year where all of a sudden, I'm overwhelmed with yard and garden work. The peonies have started to come up and a lot of other perennials too. Weeds are everywhere and I've got a million things to cut down, spray, mulch and repair.

I desperately need structural things in my front yard. I've wanted an arbor for a long time but the ones I like are too pricey for me to buy. I knew I could make one but I get frustrated because none of my projects turn out perfect the way I want them. Well, I got some birthday money from my mother and had a Lowes gift card from my daughter and her hubby leftover from Christmas, so I headed to Lowes today and went shopping.

They have all their spring stuff in and as soon as I saw this little bench, I knew I was getting it - and a matching flower pot too. It's made of resin but looks just like concrete.
I bought some lumber to make a small arbor and got this far today. I still have decorative scroll brackets to put on the sides and then reinforce it. I really prefer the arched arbors but was impatient. It will look better once it's covered with yellow jasimine.
I checked in on the baby doves this evening and their eyes are open already! They seem to be doing quite well. They're so ugly they're cute. I'm giving the parents plenty of food and water every day, as instructed by my friends who gave them to me.

I'm starting a part time job tomorrow at Gail's garden center. I'm really looking forward to it even though I'll probably spend all my pay there. Oh well, easy come, easy go! Have a good weekend!


Diane @ Four Paws and Co said...

Great job on the arbor and love the bench & pot! Your bunny is gorgeous! Did you get him at Lowe's???

Mom & Dad Dove are beautiful - isn't it amazing that they were once ugly little babies. ☺ Diane

Tammy said...

Love the new bench and pot and the adorable bunny on the bench. You are so crafty and handy - making your own arbor, wow!! I would love to have that kind of talent. Can't wait to see it when it's complete. Your doves are adorable.

Laura said...

Very impressed with your arbor! And I love the bench - did it come with the rabbit, or did you add that? Too cute! Glad to hear the doves are doing good.

nikkicrumpet said...

I love your garden bench. And I could never work in a garden center...I'd never bring home a penny of my check! I swear every year I promise my hubby that I won't have to buy many flowers because I planted perrenials and they come back year after year....and then every year I spend a small fortune on plants and flowers. I can't even explain it myself...I just keep finding holes that need filling and one more spot that is crying out for a plant! When we re=did our patio last fall it created a HUGE flower bed. YAY more excuses to buy plants!!!!


Hi Phyllis--I just love the bench and the matching flower pot--can't wait to see what flowers you put in the pot--and that rabbit is perfect--he just needs a basket and a bow and he will be all ready for Easter!!! The baby pigeons are growing soo fast--so take time to enjoy watching them for a while each day!! I just got around to adding you blog site to my blog list on my blog site. I have a second one now that I am putting my quilting pictures on--its: so now I have two sites to keep up, but I enjoy it! that site also has a new "dress" from Rose Haven--she is so talented!! OH--the arbor is just the "bee's knee's" Just, Di