Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Modem Died!

Hi everybody,

I've missed blogland like crazy! My computer wouldn't connect Friday evening and I've been w/o my computer all weekend. I'm so glad it was only the modem, which Windstream just replaced a little while ago.

Yay - I won one of Diane's prints; I'm so happy and excited!! I'm one of those people who rarely win anything. In fact, I can't really remember winning anything before. I can't wait to get my prize :)

I didn't work on my painting Friday. Instead, I started cleaning and reorganizing my work room. After going through all those old magazines, it kind of got me in the mood to go through other craft supplies that I haven't used in forever and donate/trash some of them. I don't know if the local thrift shop accepts craft supplies, but I'm going to be making a trip there tomorrow with a bunch of clothes, housewares and other things. I guess spring cleaning fever has hit me early this year. But to show you that I actually can paint, here are some portraits I did several years ago. I really wanted to paint all the time like I'm sewing all the time now. I'm glad I'm interested in it again, but I keep jumping back and forth between sewing and painting and end up in front of my sewing machine most of the time.

I met my friend, Alyce, for a movie yesterday and then went to JoAnn's - such a dangerous place. I bought some fabric and the book, Pretty Little Potholders, and can't wait to get started on some. While I was there, I applied for a p/t job; they're hiring! I think it would be a fun place to work. I used to work at Michael's p/t years ago, in addition to my f/t job. I really liked working there except for the late hours during the holidays. Of course, I probably won't bring much money home, but at least I could pay for my habit! I hope they call me soon.

Have a great Sunday, everybody. I'm so glad to be back on line!!!


Betty said...

Your paintings are wonderful...I love the expression you captured on the black lab's face! You are so talented; I can't believe you want to get a job...just sell some of your fabulous artwork and you'll be set!

erin said...

Hi Phyllis,

Your dog painting are wonderful. You really captured their expressions - I can tell that you love dogs and animals by the beautiful, loving way you paint them.

You mentioned that you can't paint roses - trust me - if you can paint dogs like you do - you can paint roses. I took a class from artist Allayn Stevens and she suggested that we take the petals off a rose and look at it to see how it was put together - I found it very helpful in painting roses.

I enjoyed my visit and will come again.
Have a lovely week.

nikkicrumpet said...

WOW really do paint beautifully...what fun dog paintings! The fact you can sew and paint doesn't seem quite fair! You need to share some talent with the rest of us who have none!

Lavender Dreamer said...

Your paintings are wonderful...very realistic! I think it's good to jump around with projects. Things get tiring unless you try something different. I won in Diane's drawing, too! I'm so excited! I see by your blog list that you like many of the same blogs that I do! I'm anxious to see what you are sewing!