Friday, February 20, 2009

Helping At Home

Did any of you watch Dianne Sawyer's special last Friday night about the children in Appalachia? She's from Kentucky and focused on that area and western West Virginia. I was born in West Virginia and grew up very poor, but not as poor as those people in the special. The level of poverty there is unbelievable. After watching the show, I wanted to do something, but what? Well, I've just come across a great project coordinated by Rachel to make blankets to send to those people who desperatley need any help they can get.

Since so many of us like to sew, crochet and/or knit, why not put those scraps to good use and whip up something small and simple to help somebody that needs basic items!?!

I'm so excited to be helping others who really need it. With so much negative talk about the economy tanking and all those high-profile, multi-billionaires whining about losing money, we forget that some people don't even have three meals a day and a warm bed at night.

Please go to Rachel's blog and get involved today; she has all the details and specifics on her site. It will make you feel so good. Please consider mentioning this on your blogs as well. I know our blogging community is such a giving group of talented and caring women, that we can help make a very important difference in other's lives.


Rachel said...

Thanks so much for the post - and for your help! I will always be wanting to send blankets... so send your sewing friends my way!


Betty said...

I'll head over to Rachel's blog. Thanks for the good information!

Christy said...

I read your comment on the Twiddletails blog and came over to check out the project. I did see Diane Sawyer's special. It was very moving to see the lives of those children. I'm heading over to Rachel's blog to see how I can help.

Kevin and Beth said...

Hi Phyliss,
Thanks for commenting on my blog! It's so nice to hear from people.

You mentioned that you had two geese and didn't know the sexes. There is one more way to tell the sex besides the obvious. Try listening to their voices. See if they are different. Flipper (our male gander) has a highpitched voice, very loud, you can't even hear someone talk when he is vocalizing next to you! It's awful.

Buddie (the female goose) has a much lower voice and never makes as much noise as Flipper does. Maybe I'll take a movie of them making noise and post it.

Sorry it took me so long to notice your comment. I'm so glad that you did comment because I got to come and see your georgous blog. I love all the wonderful things that you make and your paintings are beautiful!