Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Whatcha Workin on Wednesday?

Hi everybody!

I wish I could save this for Pink Saturday, but I won't have access to my computer.

A few posts ago I had pictures of some different pink fabrics. Well, I completed my first stacked pincushion from some of them. I wasn't really sure if I needed to cut curved pieces or just circles and then tie the pearl cotton tightly around each section. I didn't have a pattern, so just made my own choosing to cut the curved pieces. I think it turned out ok, but I'm going to change the beads for some that have a little more bling to them.

I've also sewn a bunch of little heart pillows; they're stuffed but not embellished. Maybe I'll save those for the next Pink Saturday.

There are a few baby items that I've completed this week, but I can't post pictures till after the shower this Saturday so the surprise isn't ruined for my daughter. I can show you a sneek peek, though (hee hee).

One more thing - please be sure to read my previous post about the danger of sugarless gum to pets and pass it along to everybody you know! My friend's dog may have pulled through; we're still waiting for results of the latest bloodwork. If she beats this, it's nothing less than a miracle.



Sharon said...

HI Phyllis, Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is a fun read. I like the pincushions. Also your little shh! for the baby's door. I too want to shut down puppy mills. So we have a lot in common. Small world. We are having horrific flooding and mountain snow melting to fast so best go check our road. But I'll be back. Sharon

nikkicrumpet said...

GRRRR for some reason I can't pull up most of the pictures on people's blogs today. I can only see the first picture...which is pretty cool I like it!. Gonna have to come back to see the others when this dang thing is working better! Have a great day!

The White Bench said...

Hello Phyllis! Nice to meet you too!
Thanks for visiting and for your lovely comment on my blog!
Your pincushions are so cute, and can't wait to see what you prepared for the baby shower :)!
Have a great day,