Friday, January 23, 2009

It's Been a Quiet Week

Hi everybody,

I've been home all week and have quite enjoyed it. I haven't really given much thought as to which direction I should take next, but today I finally feel like taking some sort of action about finding a job.

One good thing about being home all week is that I've straighted up some of the mess I had created with all my sewing stuff. I got all my fabrics put away that I had used for the baby shower items, and did some minor organizing of sewing supplies. I've decided I need a cute little shelf to put jars of buttons and other pretties on and have the perfect design - one I found at the Atlanta Market a couple of weeks ago. Once I get it made, I'll post a picture.

In the mean time, here are a few more pictures of our six inch snow. It was beautiful and the first accumulation we've had in five years. Most of it has melted and today is going to be relatively warm and very sunny so I think I'll work outside for a while (getting the gardening itch). Oh, and I actually pieced a quilt top this week that I had started in 2007. All that's left is to add the border and then I can get supplies to finish it. Even before the layoff last week, I had decided I was going to complete all the projects that I've started.

This is Hansel and Gretel - my two Grey Saddleback Pomeranium geese (about nine months old now).

Here's a picture of Princess (whippet mix), the love of my life. She'll be 11 years old this July - I can't believe that.

...and Harley, my 12+ Heinz 57 and the best old guy on earth...

There is always hope for brighter days...

The chickens are cozy in the barn.

Flora - my favorite hen

Smudge and Topaz curled up on the daybed. Smudge is the huge and very handsome gray and white kitty; Topaz is solid black.

...and this is my Hollyhocks quilt top (it's lap size). There is one block I don't like but it's staying!

I hope you all have a great day today, no matter what your circumstances!


Beth said...

Lovely pictures! Hopefully you can get your feet back on the ground with a job, but in the meantime enjoy your crafting time!

Thanks for stoping by my blog and for the lovely comments! For the sewing machione mat, I just measured it, added 1 inch for seam/bias allowance, and added a 4 inch deep pocket to hang over the table. I need to make one for myslef now! If you have any questions about making one, just ask me!

lindaharre said...

Hi Phyllis............Thanks for saying HI! I really appreciate it:) That quilt you made last summer with the flowers all over it.....I made the same quilt, but as a baby quilt:) Cute.....hugs, Linda

Busty LaRue said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I love your hollyhocks quilt. It's very pretty.